The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast

What Is Your Restaurants Culture?

September 11, 2019

I was literally grinning cheek to cheek on a Monday morning at a cafe in downtown Vancouver because of the level of service that I was witnessing paired with what seemed like the coolest and most natural culture I had experienced in a long time.

Nemesis Coffee in Vancouver, B.C, Canada crushed it.

While this weeks podcast isn’t just about Nemesis and how seemingly every aspect of what they are doing is very naturally supporting the other left me inspired and motivated to ask the question to everyone else out in our industry, What is your culture? How do you nurture it? and How often are you checking in to make sure it is how you’d like it to be?

I mention in this weeks podcast how I likely look at businesses in the hospitality industry through a much different lens then most. Perhaps the “average Joe” off of the street won’t notice the attention that a given staff member is giving to those pieces of cutlery, or the sheer excitement amongst the staff to receive some new samples of a product they’ve been waiting to see, or just how actually attentive each and every staff member is towards the guests needs as well as each of their own team members as well.

While these are all things that I personally picked up at Nemesis Coffee the other day, it may not be, for example, what my Dad sees. However I would be willing to bet that even though my Dad might not be looking for those things, he feels them whether they exist or they don’t and that ultimately will be impacting his experience in that space.

Consciously or Unconsciously the culture you create in your business is not only impacting your team, but it is having a lasting impact on each and every guest that walks through your doors.