The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast

We Are All Just Trying To Turn Right

March 11, 2020

Through my work as a consultant I am seeing more and more of my time spent on the mindset of my clients more than anything else.

As I break down in this weeks podcast the importance of tightening up labour percentages, hiring procedures and cost of goods are always evident when I work with my clients. However all of those systems and processes are for not if the mind isn't right.

This industry demands so much from everyone in it from the farmer that produces the food to the dishwasher who washes the dishes that I wonder how much time are we spending on ensuring that our mindset is right? How much time are we spending to ensure we can show up daily and perform for our team around us and the customers who have chosen us?

While I myself am still working on my mindset I am seeing more and more how potent this tool can be in getting ahead in business and in life.

In this podcast I tough on limiting beliefs and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will not only push you but can see the obvious potential within you.

I'd love to hear how you current approach your mindset and how it either positively or negatively it impacts your personal and professional life.