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The Undeniable Desire To Keep Giving w/ Trevor Bird

April 15, 2020

I revisit a story I have told before on the podcast about the first time I met today's guest Chef Trevor Bird, Owner and Operator of Vancouver, BC's FABLE KITCHEN. I was extremely new to the sales side of the industry and Trevor didn't know me from a hole in the wall but he was kind enough to hear out my sales pitch which I think involved some french vinegars and over-priced almond flour. He made time for me then, and seems to always make time for me now. And for that I am truly grateful.

Trevor is in the fight like most everyone else in the hospitality industry at the moment. He and his much smaller team are doing what they can to keep the lights on, pay rent but at the same time putting an effort in to facilitate meals for those in our industry and City as a whole who may need it most. 

I've watched over the past few years as Trevor has really redefined who he is as a member of this industry, a businessman, a chef, and the most important of all who he is as a person. As a father and a husband it is like Trevor has a very clear "why" but I believe his why isn't just his immediate family, it is his entire community.

The fact that at time like this were so many people are shutting their businesses down due to an intense amount of uncertainty the team at FABLE are finding a way and supporting others in the best way they know how, by feeding them.

On this episode Trevor chats about his take on the current state of the industry and what things could look like when we come out of this thing. He also breaks down how him and his team have teamed up with new local hot spot SAY MERCY to launch a truly admirable offering as they look to take care of others in the industry that are now without work.

You never want to miss anything Trevor does, and this podcast is no exception. Tune in to entire episode right now!

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