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Joe Parenteau & Max Tims: Be Intentional About The Shared Moments In Life

July 24, 2019

You never know where your next big idea will come from, and for the team at FABLE HOME it all started when Co-Founder Joe Parenteau was tasked to find some nice plates for his Mom. Through Joe’s shopping and research he recognized a gap in the market. Max & Joe (with the help of their awesome team) set out to create a tableware company unlike anything else out on the market.

Cutting out ALL of the traditional players in the tableware process FABLE HOME has designed a direct to consumer model that provides their customers with an extremely high quality product at a fraction of the cost. 

By creating an affordable and good looking product I am confident that the team at FABLE HOME are destined for some big things and it was a blast hosting them on the show where I was able to truly learn from these two great minds and all around great guys.

I encourage you to go and order your very own set of FABLE plates and let us here at the show know how much you love your new tableware, as I am sure you will.


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  • What goes into making high quality tableware
  • How Max & Joe are tactfully approaching this business
  • The importance of a solid team and community around your business
  • When transparency in business pays off
  • How to update a seemingly tired industry



“What we are really focused on is being a dining experience company.”  (3:48)


“We definitely do that right through to the direct to consumer model.”” (9:00)


“We are very very lucky to be able to lean on all of these people and get to get their insights.” (26:46)



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