The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast

Jessica Babin: Creating Space For Women In Hospitality

June 17, 2020

I came to learn of Women and Hospitality through my friends at Bar Kismet in Halifax. I was however unaware that their General Manager Jessica Babin was one half of the passion behind this great platform promoting the stories of women in our industry.

Speaking with Jessica on the podcast I was able to gain a full understanding of what Women and Hospitality is and of course why it exists. The work Jessica and her partner Cooper Tardival have done to promote women in our industry is incredibly admirable and I cannot wait to learn more about their initiatives and learn how Half A Dozen Hospitality can support them in their efforts.

I also quickly learned that Jessica is built for this industry with a ton of experience but also a ton of skill that you just can't teach, such as making someone feel welcomed and valued.

I always feel so lucky to speak to guests on my podcast and for me this one is no different.

Be sure to follow Jessica along on social media for all of the pertinent updates of Women and Hospitality.

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