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Jerry Seinfeld Shares The Missing Piece Of Most Restaurants; Systems

August 12, 2019

I have so much empathy for everyone in the hospitality industry as it is the roughest one out there, however does it always have to be so tough? I would argue it doesn’t and this simple advice from comedian and hugely successful actor Jerry Seinfeld covers off what most of the industry is missing.


“There is two levels of guys. There are these guys that just have this talent, and they can just make all kinds of money, but physically their life is a mess. Smoking, 20 Diet Cokes…. you know just horrible physical, sleeping, ambien, you know?….

But then you have those guys above those guys, who really kill it… and those guys… they have a system for everything. Every single minute of their day gets plugged into a system.”

This is the missing piece for so many in the industry at the moment and not coincidentally what I am covering this week on the podcast as well as what I will be diving deep into for my next FREE Webinar .

The fact that so many restaurants, cafes, bars, and even major hotels operate with a completely reactionary model means that they can never get ahead. By lacking systems in your business you lack the potential to truly be successful and create longevity with your business.

Simple systems can be implemented at the drop of a hat (ordering, hiring procedures, cleaning schedules, etc.) while other more intricate systems take time and attention to ensure they are right for the business and move it forward as opposed to just creating more work and noise for your team.

By taking an in depth look at your business (and personal life) you should be able to identify gaps that need to be filled and work that needs to be done to set up your specific systems. The work up front should make for less work later on, and allow for your business to be much more proactive than reactive.

In the hospitality industry we can learn so much from other industry of what to do and what not to do, and today we are lucky enough to learn from one of the worlds most successful comedians a simple piece that could add up to huge positive results for our industry.

You can check out the whole Jerry Seinfeld interview HERE (skip to 25:40 to hear his part on systems)

Stay tuned for my podcast on how important systems are in the restaurant industry and how not having them could be holding you back. Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE Webinar where I will be sharing in detail the systems I use with my clients to help them create positive changes in their businesses.