The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast

How To Be Fathers, Friends, and Fierce Industry Leaders w/ Ned Bell & Jed Grieve

October 31, 2018

From childhood friends to partners in crime, Ned Bell & Jed Grieve are undoubtedly affecting positive change in our industry and doing it like two best friends who are just enjoying the process and their time together.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ned and Jed and talk all things food, families, internet, industry, and everything in between.

These two gentlemen work extremely hard for everyone in their lives. Whether it is their wives, or kids, fans or customers these two men are putting in the time and effort to make sure they are giving everything they can to whatever situation they are facing.

Like a lot of my guests I was inspired by Ned and Jed and I do truly feel blessed and lucky to have had a moment with them where we could chat about everything I am passionate about, while at the same time learn more about these two genuine dudes.

Show these guys some love whether it is an Instagram follow, shopping at their store, or just letting them know you appreciate the time, care and effort they are putting in to an industry that they both hold near and dear to their hearts.