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Gianmarco Colanino: Unapologetically Doing It His Way

December 18, 2019

Gianmarco and I had only met for a brief moment a few months back but I had admittedly had him on my radar of guys I’d love to met and host on the podcast and he straight up didn’t disappoint.

I headed into this podcast my favourite way, knowing very little about the person I was sitting across from and therefore allowing a true discovery to take place. i was intrigued to learn more about Gianmarco and like all of my guests, better understand why he does what he does.

The owner of Vancouver’s Trans Am Restaurant comes from a strong background of years in the hospitality industry. And now with the help of his team (two studs in Edie & Dave) at Trans Am they’ve been able to break the mould of what a “restaurant” in 2019 should be and do what seemingly comes so naturally to them.

From a cancer scare, to a no cell phone policy we cover it all on the latest podcast and I cannot thank Gianmarco enough for coming onto the show and being so raw.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What is on the bathroom walls at Trans Am

  • How a health scare changed the way Gianmarco looked at life

  • The reality of cooking in most Vancouver kitchens

  • Happiness

  • Success

  • And how to seek help in our industry if and when it is needed

To learn more about Gianmarco and his team be sure to give them a follow them HERE


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