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May 31, 2019

This was fun.

I write down a lot of my goals, and one of the many that I have was written on my whiteboard in my bedroom where I would see it every single day. It read, “Be a GUEST on someone else’s podcast”. After about roughly 40-50 episodes of my own on The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast I was looking for an opportunity to spread my message even further, and so I wrote this goal down and emailed everyone who had a podcast that was somehow aligned or semi-aligned with me, what I am doing, and my industry. Guess what happened? Nothing. Zero. Literally crickets. I didn’t receive one reply and while that was tough to digest I knew somehow some way it would happen, I just had no idea when. Cut to today, May 31st 2019, one day from my VERY FIRST PODCAST EPISODE and I have now not only guested on a total of 4 podcasts (Zero To Here, Try It Like It, Your Hidden Talent Podcast , Awaken The Awesome) which is amazing AND it happened, but now I am guesting on my own show.


That’s right, the latest episode, in celebrating year 1 of my podcast literally just around the corner I am releasing my “Get To Know The Host” episode where I sat down with my friend Devon Doolling (she was on episode 50) and we switched roles! Devon played the host and brought some awesome questions, while I sat back and fielded those questions as best that I could. I had a really fun time recording this episode with Devon and feel super grateful that she took the initiative to make this all happen.


This is a super fun episode and I know you guys will enjoy this one as it is completely different and it gives you more insight into me… in case you were interested.



  • My “LAST MEAL”. What I am eating, who is it with, where is it and what music is playing
  • Some of my biggest influences
  • My goals
  • How I stay motivated
  • What is next for the dinner series, the podcast and my consulting work



“When you first asked that question I was picturing a beach”  (8:38)


“Confidence in me to jump into this, I mean opening my own consultancy business” (17:07)


“And then from that it afforded me the ability to have the conversations to say ‘Hey would you be open to donating’?”” (23:11)


“Goals that would probably make you laugh, because they probably sound unachievable.” (35:20)


“I don’t ask clients to be ignorant to what could happen, we spend time, on what I call the anticipation playbook .” (46:33)





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