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Dish Pigs w/ Christina Clark & Jon Deitcher of Endorphin Films

June 5, 2019

“There is just something about the energy in a kitchen, it just sucks you in.”


If you are in the restaurant industry, or if you’ve ever eaten in a restaurant, you need to watch this documentary. Dish Pigs, the awesome documentary shot by the team at Endorphin films follows three personalities as they work in an environment that others wouldn’t dare take part in. The film follows Claude, Shawn, and Ali as they share their own unique stories and why they choose this line of work, why they choose to wash dishes to earn money, and those stories couldn’t be more real and intriguing.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Producers Christina Clark and Jon Deitcher the two visionaries (plus their awesome crews) behind the creation of this film and learn more about how this film even became a thing and also dive deep into what they themselves learned about this industry through the creation of this film.


Dish Pigs provides such a great peak into a world that so few of us ever get to experience, and I would be very surprised if this film alone helps to create a positive shift in our industry where we see the Ali’s, Claude’s and Shawn’s of the world getting more recognition, more support, and a mention when it comes to reporting on the success of a restaurant.



  • What it is like trying to film in a dishpit
  • How to send a GoPro safely through a dishwasher
  • The harsh realities of some restaurant kitchens
  • What it’s like having millions of people watch your work
  • What is next for Endorphin Films



“Dish Pigs is a documentary about dishwashers. The humans, because we often get people thinking it’s about the machines.”  (4:24)


“If you want to meet the interesting people in the restaurant industry you’ve got to go beyond the closed doors.” (4:48)


“I think validation, a little bit, and also I feel very proud.” (12:52)

“A thousand percent, and you see it, I mean I watched it the most at Bremner, they’re a really tight knit team.” (24:58)


“Get to a mountain, get to the ocean, go for a hike.” (54:55)





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