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Business Neighbours Who’ve Banded Together: Rueben Major & Andrew Jameson

April 22, 2020

East Vancouver, for those of you that don't know is an extremely colourful place. There are challenges on the Downtown Eastside unlike any others but there are also so incredible pieces to the neighbourhoods that make up this stretch of downtown. One of those pieces is the sense of community and that is on display with the two guests on todays podcast. 

Reuben Major (Belgard Kitchen & Havana) and Andrew Jameson (The Mackenzie Room & Say Mercy) came to know each other through a geographical link as well as the industry they both call home. Sitting in Andrew's restaurant, The Mackenzie Room, Rueben and his wife Ashley struck up a conversation with the staff upon their first visit and haven't looked back since. Now having formed a friendship with Andrew and his ownership team Reuben and his team have become sort of "related" to the Mackenzie Room (and Say Mercy) team in an effort to share and learn as they all navigate the hospitality landscape. 

That relationship has paid dividends before, but it is really paying dividends now.

As so many of us work to navigate the new reality of our unique worlds we at times need to lean on others for support, and this industry has people like these two. Reuben and Andrew are two leaders in the local scene with a great sense of what is going on and perhaps what should be going on that isn't. Both Andrew and Reuben are keen to see this industry thrive not just for them and their bottom line but also for their staff, their suppliers, their farmers, their guests and their community. These are the types of entrepreneurs that every city truly needs. And now they need us. 

They need us as a public to support their awesome initiatives such as Staff Meal during these crazy times we are experiencing. They need us to trust when things go back to "normal" that they and there teams will be doing everything they possibly can to keep us safe and healthy as they look to invite us back into their spaces. Most of all they need us to support them with the dollars we do have as every single dollar that they make as small to medium size businesses ensures that they can keep providing our communities with awesome food, great culture, and a wicked place to meet with those who we know and love.

Tune in to hear Reuben and Andrew break down their current reality during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as some potential contingencies they will be looking to put in place when we all get out of this mess. 

A huge thanks to Reuben and Andrew for guesting on the podcast and to you guys for tuning in!

Stay safe!



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