The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast

A Key To Leadership In Hospitality: Pace & Leading

September 18, 2019

“The idea of pacing before leading is that if you try to persuade without them (your team) feeling alignment with you, you will likely cause resistance or objection. While pacing is not necessarily enough to ensure persuasion, without it the chance of success may be reduced.”

In this weeks podcast I quickly break down the importance of meeting your staff and team where they are each at individually for the most impactful results. The idea of pacing is that we aren’t waiting for them to catch up to us, we are joining them with the intention of bringing them up to our speed.

You can find a very high arching overview of what Pace & Lead is here. I encourage you give it a try with your team members as soon as possible as the concept makes so much sense when looking to impact your team in a positive way. All of this work creates a much greater bond and theoretically a greater culture within your business.

This is one of those techniques where I can already hear most members of the hospitality industry saying “Ah man we don’t have time for that.” Whereas my opinion on this technique and others like it, you cannot not afford to implement this immediately with your working team as the cost of leaving things as they are is immeasurable.